Defective Chinese Drywall Trial Result

Posted by: Hilger Hammond On: 1st August 2010 | no responses.

by Benjamin H. Hammond


The Miami Herald is reporting that the nation’s first Chinese drywall jury trial yielded a $2.4 million result on Friday, June 18th. Defective drywall, installed by Banner Supply Co., was found to produce sulphuric odors, create corrosion problems, and possibly cause breathing problems and headaches. Banner has been accused of concealing information about the problems, including manufacturer recommendations that it should not be used.


Banner took responsibility for the defective materials, but argued it should only be responsible for reimbursement of direct expenses only, which totaled $705,000. However, the six-person jury determined that the family should receive $1.7 million for loss of enjoyment of life and $60,000 for stigma damages, in addition to the renovation costs.


The decision in Florida is the largest award for one home in a Chinese drywall case to date. The result could set a precedent for thousands of similar cases in active or pending litigation across the southeastern states.